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Haileys Roleplaying Chat Hello fellow deviants and web users ! Because I have gotten permission to advertise this amazing chat !! The chat currently has a password to it and it will be mentioned at the end of this so I know you probably read the rules This chat is called Haileys roleplay in honor of a friend Dear Creepy Pasta Fandom : To the elitists. Stop assuming that your headcanons are the right ones please and start to respect other people. Buffy is not coping with Spike's death well, so when Angel calls Buffy to help him slay three Ubervamps that escaped Sunnydale, she finds Spike, but also finds out she must travel back in time to when both men were soulless demons in order to find out who is the true Champion.Buffy returns to 1998, set during Season 2 of Bt VS, and she must fight the lust she has for that time's Spike, now soulless and not in love with her yet, and try not to get killed by Angelus.

Buffy and Spike must learn what it means to truly be .

Joyce decides the gang is going to spend Christmas at the Summer's beach house in Los Angeles.

Much to Buffy's dismay, Dawn invites Spike and- beings as how he can't say no to his Niblet- agrees to tag along.

600: true);' I haven't used the room in a long while but I just stopped by today to see if it was still active and I saw the following message posted by Chatzy: "ROOM CLOSED This room has been closed due to the exchange of child pornography links or information in it. 600: true);' That's Nebraska state senator John De Camp attorney at law, who won a million-dollar libel case proving this is true. And yes, the "midnight tours" of young men/boys of the white house is true, complete with documentation, and as a result of that mess a civil judgement was rendered against Franklin for the crime, that document is available upon request, and one of the co-defendants died under very bizarre circumstances shortly after a book on the matter was released, also a matter of record.

Such activity is illegal in the United States (where our server is located) and in most other countries. I have enough to deal with as it is and it would really help me out if everyone just be a bit more civil to their fellow Browncoats. The original problem was a chat room at chatzy called 'virtual shindig'. He's being interviewed o na world-wide radio broadcast by Alex Jones at Infowars Radio. They were layin' the nuns; that's been goin' on for years, centuries. As for whether "Talon News" (a fake news shill organisation for the Bush administration) operator Jeff Gannon is in fact Gosch or not, that is unknown because when his actions were exposed he quite wisely went into hiding - however immediately after that mess went public authorities rounded up and questioned photographer Russel "Rusty" E Nelson, who when released also immediately went into hiding after making a few comments that seemed to implicate Hunter S Thompson as an additional acomplice and precipitated Thompsons suicide soon after.

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