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"This is a huge blow for the area," the Independent TD for the area, Michael Fitzmaurice, said.

Compatible Partners is not your average gay dating site.

Abdullah's friends at Artisan Canna Cigars show him how to roll delicious cannabis cigars.

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Parents need to know that this animated Christmas special is fairly mild but does include some off-color jokes and depicts Santa as a sweatshop owner who calls kids "brats." Humor gets slightly edgy when it targets mental illness, trading affection for material goods, and "being gay" but "not that way." Expect a few bits of nudity or sexualized content including athe town of Stinky Cigars, where all the residents are holiday icons: Cupid, Father Time, the Easter Bunny, and so on.

Everyone sings and dances and works on toys -- everyone, that is, except cranky deli owner Murray (Jerry Stiller).

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The cigar factory was founded by local businessman Gerry O Dowd, who sold the company to Belgian cigar maker J Cortes last December.

Local councillors grilled the Belgian representatives on their reasons for purchasing the plant only to close it within months.

Unemployment in the Ballaghaderreen area is four times the national average and the town has a population of just 3,000.

ECMI said that the small scale of the Irish plant put it at a competitive disadvantage.

ECMI informed staff and the Ballaghaderreen Chamber of Commerce of the decision to cease operations on Thursday.

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