Dating firearms by seral number

Henry Ford presented this Winchester Model 1887 Lever Action Shotgun (12 gauge, serial number 1, date: ca 1887) to Harvey Firestone.Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming.

So I should know every one of our 7,000 firearms and their locations by heart, right?Then enter your serial number and model if needed or search the list of complete serial numbers for each Make.Additional Makes and serial numbers will be added as the project progresses. So people here have to use paper, sort through enormous stacks of forms and record books that gun stores are required to keep and to eventually turn over to the feds when requested. People would have to sign a document, Federal Form 4473, also called the Firearms Transaction Record, swearing that they were none of these things. Like, for all the guns all over the world, there's a master list that started with the No. “It's not 10,000 agents and a big sophisticated place. That's been a federal law, thanks to the NRA, since 1986: No searchable database of America's gun owners. In the loading dock, there's a forklift beeping, bringing in more boxes. If you take pictures of the gun records, you can save space. “These were Hurricane Katrina,” he says, leaning against a stack. Felons, illegal immigrants, and crazy people would be prohibited from buying guns.

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