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The service is open to VMCC members and non-members alike though joining as a member has many benefits and discounts.

Give them a try, email [email protected] visit their website at net The first combat engine number was 200976 (1972), not all 750 engines after this number are combat.

How would your bike look with a ghastly yellow and black "Q" plate. The information given below is the best guide we can give and was compiled with the aid of original factory records.

Legislation that came into force on January 1st 2004, stated that any vehicle not Taxed or SORNed, will lose it's right to it's "Original Registration" mark.

It served him well when he initially bought it as his first car in high school.

However as is often the case, Gustafson soon became bored with the Camaro’s mild-manners, and was left at a crossroads.

Back in the day, the coolest cats had Pro Street cars that looked fast but had no balls. Now that it’s no longer cool to be a poser, our hobby is filled with purpose-built machines that actually deliver the performance they portray, and look the part as well.

This trend towards functionality has bred a whole new generation of race cars that ‘show’ as good as they go!

Once he added his specific graphics and optional wheels, interior and gauges, the cars they were selling were among the fastest street cars around and today represent some of the most sought after collector cars to emerge from the muscle car era.

For 1969, Yenko managed to get their hands on only 99 Chevelles with the L72 427 engine, presented here is one of them.

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