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“I completely get how families feel vulnerable,” she said, adding that it's often a family member, not the resident, who desires the monitoring equipment. “They thought a fellow caregiver was acting weird or was in a resident's room when they shouldn't have been.

Utah could become only the second state to require that assisted living communities grant requests from residents or their representatives to operate or install cameras in resident rooms if a bill being introduced in the state legislature becomes law. Five states — Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington — have laws requiring nursing homes to grant resident requests to use surveillance equipment in resident living areas, but only Texas' 2001 nursing home law, which was amended in 2003 to also apply to assisted living, currently applies specifically to device requests initiated by assisted living community residents or their families, according to Maribeth Bersani, chief operating officer and senior vice president of public policy for Argentum, formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America.

The bill, an amendment to Utah's Health Care Facility Licensing and Inspection Act, revives a 2014 attempt by the state House of Representatives to pass similar legislation.

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