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By Patrick Cooney The Disney film, Finding Nemo, lied to your kids!

Disney would simply argue that they altered reality to create a more entertaining storyline, but read below for the true story, and you tell me which you think is a more entertaining.

As you can see, the first minute of Finding Nemo, outside of the talking fish part, is the only biologically accurate part of the movie.

Considering that they demonstrate reproduction and the killing of the mother in the first minute of the movie, how did they decide that a natural sex change is outside the bubble of viewable material?

Stop is an international human rights NGO of survivors and allies fighting Intersex Genital Mutilations (IGM) in children's clinics, and for the right to physical integrity and self determination for all children born with 'atypical genitalia', or Variations of Sex Anatomy.

That she has a penis is one of those misconceptions, but more on that in a moment.

What she hates most, she says, is hearing that she is artificial.

Accused as cheaters, "suspicious" athletes are denied their rights to due process, informed consent and medical privacy, arbitrarily stripped of their medals and banned from further competition without proper possibility to appeal.

Public shaming and exposure of "suspects" as "sex test failures" and "hermaphrodites" is used a regular part of the procedure, serving as a compliance tool in order to keep "dubious" athletes from competing (i.e.

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