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Leading the pack is Ivy Ho, director of the year's big ticket film "Crossing Hennessy," starring Cantopop King Jacky Cheung and comeback kid Tang Wei.Ho has scripted 12 movies that span multiple genres in the past 24 years, among them the box office hits "Comrades: Almost a Love Story" and "July Rhapsody." Her 2009 indie flick "Claustrophobia" also turned out to be a big hit.Sex education in Hong Kong is based on the premise that sex should not be permitted, and if engaged in should be frowned upon, with little reference to contraception or other relevant issues.More than 40 percent of local schools do not provide proper sex education from qualified third party organizations, so students can only rely on teachers to provide them with information.Religious groups have attacked these pages as encouraging sex for reasons other than reproduction.

CNNGo hears from the directors about their insights on just what it's like to work as a female in Hong Kong's film industry, dominated by testosterone-fueled martial arts flicks.Welcome to Chat Hong Kong, the list of Chat Hour members in Hong Kong.Chatters listed below are Chat Hour members who live in Hong Kong. Unlike many online chat rooms, chatting on Chat Hour is fun and completely free of charge.However, after a fall-out with the key personnel of the radio company, Chapman lost the radio hosting job in 2006. In 2011, To was hired as the photographer for cantopop singer Prudence Liew's album, Love Addict.To stated that this is the first time he is paid for his photography work.

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These pages have been met with support – and criticism – from the general public.

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