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You can also browse the Play On Settings section for a detailed explanation of each configurable setting.If you're ready to go and want to learn more about Play On features, jump to one of the following sections: Play On Free vs.In June 2012, Mc Gee reiterated his intention to develop a third game, now titled Alice in Otherland.Mc Gee revealed that the game would be released episodically, and stated that it "would allow Alice to go into the minds of all these characters she encounters, and it opens up the possibility where you could play as Alice and you can enter into a player's mind, change the landscape, and then basically psychologically adjust the character in doing so.

Here's our list of eight things you might not know your Wii could do.1.Simply connect your i Pod to its USB charging cable and plug it into one of the USB ports and hey presto, you can charge it up while you play .2.Plug in a keyboard to type emails If you got your Wii early, you’ll have had the chance to download the Opera web browser from the Wii Shop Channel for free. While the browser is a great addition, using the Wii Remote to type in URLs or write emails can be a bit time consuming.Alice: Otherlands is an animated sequel to Alice: Madness Returns.It is a series of two short films developed by Spicy Horse to help bring closure to the Alice series, which was envisioned as a trilogy by American Mc Gee.

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