Vol 39 older men dating younger women

Although Landry and Forrest provided a number of measures of age-gaps between fathers and mothers, often just one combination is cited—that of mothers aged 15-19 with partners aged 20 or older; in their study, 65% of 15-19-year-old mothers had a partner aged 20 or older.

Grouping together 15-19-year-olds and their partners ages 20 and older may misrepresent the issue of adolescents bearing children with older men.

Examples: Chat up one other girl in 29 year old’s presence.No, it's only men who are the predators here, and heaven forbid they actually hookup with younger girls.Oh and finally: no more intimate encounters: "There are 3.3 Million people who use the site every day, of those there are only 6,041 single women looking for Intimate Encounters.This view has led some states, such as California and Florida, to toughen and expand their statutory rape laws.While prior research made important contributions showing that adult males father many of the children of adolescent mothers, such studies have tended to treat teenage mothers and their adult partners as a homogenous group.

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