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And he jams together styles that don't quite seem to fit, juxtaposing low-key folk and rock 'n' roll with Brazilian samba and bossa nova music and augmenting everything with the koto.MOST READ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS THIS HOUR"It's not an easy instrument to play, and it's humbling, and we thought, 'We'll just rent a koto,' and the person renting it to us (said,) 'Well, I could play on it.' 'No, no, we got it,'" says Banhart, who lives in Los Angeles.Devendra Banhart has risen, and with the help of a caffeine injection from Joe’s Coffee, he’s ready to shine.But first we need to stop by a bodega around the corner where they have, by Banhart’s description, the most extraordinary donuts. From there, we swing by Electric Lady Studios where Banhart will have a quick word with his pal Ric Ocasek, then it’s back to his place.

FYI — Wikipedia listed the final track as “Ric Flair,” yet the advance CD doesn’t include that song.

"We hadn't prepared for the amount of time it took to tune and transcribe — everything had been written on the guitar, so to transcribe it and tune it for three people who didn't know how to play the koto at all was humbling."The album's unifying feeling is a hard-to-place sadness, perhaps owing to Banhart's personal tragedies in the past few years — his biological father and four friends died while he and his band were writing and recording songs. "Those things were never really explicitly addressed while making the record," he says.

"I get the sense that the next record might be more about the process of that."Banhart's music career began when he was 9, when one of his mother's dresses liberated him to portray an androgynous rock star around the house, singing into combs and brushes.

Portman appeared in the video for Banhart’s song "Carmensita."During an event in Cannes, Natalie Portman took to the red carpet in this one-strapped, ruffled ensemble. Natalie Portman currently stars in the movie My Blueberry Nights.

From the looks of the photo below, and the celebrity gossip rumors traveling around the Internet, however, it appears as though Portman could make a new documentary entitled My Ban-berry Nights.

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We're not sure if Natalie Portman is still dating Nathan Bogle.

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